Monday, July 10, 2006


Advertising works, apparently.

Wasn't going to go shopping, but I needed to get some cologne. (Will run out in a couple weeks, so I guess I didn't really NEED to....)

So I was reading Vanity Fair (it was the Green Issue) and came across a smelly ad for the new Guess fragrance. And I fell in love. In fact, it kinda turned me on. Like, a lot.

So I dragged myself to the local hoity-toity mall and picked up a bottle of the stuff. (Smelled just as good. I could barely keep my hands off myself.)

While I was there, I came across a new store, one at which I could probably spend hours and hundreds of dollars: the Calvin Klein Underwear store. (They need to update their Web site, by the way -- their Dallas store isn't listed.)

I need to stop going to the mall. Otherwise, I'll end up broke.


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